Information to all dog owners

Messe München, which has the domiciliary right to create and enforce regulations for its premises, has clearly stated that dogs are prohibited in the exhibition halls; thus, unfortunately at TrendSet. We tried to obtain an exception for small dogs in buggies or bags, but the prohibition is for all dogs.

Therefore our request to you: Kindly leave your dogs at home from now on. Dogs are not permitted at TrendSet any longer!

Please note: If you wish to take your dog to Munich with you, in any event do not leave it in your car, not even in the car park at Messe München. The summer temperatures are much too high, even at the car park! For those of you who are not able to leave your dog in good hands at home, there are various dog care centres in Munich with day care. More information (no liability assumed) is available at:…/…/hundepension.html