Frau Müller

Feines & Farbenfrohes für Tassen, Taschen & Textilien mit bunten Statments und zartem Design. Handmade in Berlin/Kreuzberg



Die Inis Strandtasche ist der perfekte Begleiter am Strand, beim Sport und beim Shoppen! Im reinen Streifendesign mit Seilhenkeln.



Uhren und Taschen aus nachhaltigen Materialien


STAMPS Germany GmbH

Since our foundation in 1997, STAMPS has stood for more diversity and enjoyment of life. STAMPS is open, cheerful and fun. It is never conformist or boring, but stands out.   Starting with a clock in the shape of a stamp, which can be freely combined and assembled using a modular system, STAMPS has continued to develop. Over time, a constantly growing range of products and materials has been created. From wall clocks and bracelets made from recycled Tetra Pak to bags and coasters made from wood fibres, everything is included.   STAMPS sells its products both directly and through [...]


Tintok Aps

Behind Tintok we stand, Maria and Martin. For several years we have talked about,how we could spread the message of a universe, with ecological, sustainable, slow fashion-made products as a focal point. On a sailing trip from Horsens to Samsø, where we were at anchor on a fantastic summer evening, our heart’s child was born: TINTOK. We both have a great fondness for nature, partly on land, but also in water. Maria grew up partly in Sweden and partly in Skagen, and therefore nature has always been a big part of her life. Especially as a source of inspiration for [...]


44spaces Designmanufaktur

Urban, Fein & Farbenfroh - Unsere kreative Leidenschaft spannt sich von Städten zu mutigen Parolen, Zitaten und Satzzeichen.



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