Fold the Pitcher


B3 / B 10-19

Fold“ by KAFAOUIN, a distinctive handless pitcher meticulously designed and handcrafted at our studio, bringing forth a unique blend of form and function.

The design of the Fold pitcher is a visual marvel—resembling a rolled, folded, and pinched sheet that seamlessly shapes the body, spout, and handle from one continuous surface while keeping its ergonomics and functionality intact despite the initial impression of a handle-free vessel.

With its flowing surfaces, the Fold pitcher effortlessly exudes an elegant stance, incorporating subtle optical playfulness for a touch of whimsy. More than just a visually striking statement piece, this pitcher is a 100% functional piece of tableware. Crafted from high-quality stoneware clay and subjected to high-temperature firings for impeccable vitrification, it guarantees durability and reliability in everyday use. The food-safe and lead-free stunning glaze further underscores our commitment to quality and safety.

Enter the cosmic realm with the Fold pitcher, adorned with the mesmerizing Cosmic Bloom glaze. A deep coral base, artfully speckled with bursts of vibrant colors, elevates the visual value of this already sophisticated piece.

Whether displayed as a work of art or utilized for its intended purpose, the Fold pitcher by KAFAOUIN stands as a harmonious fusion of craftsmanship, innovation, and visual allure.

Available in Cosmic Bloom and Stone Grey.

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