Sprout – The Jug


B3 / B 10-19

Sprout the Jug: By KAFAOUIN, and handcrafted at GRAYN Design Studio.

Made from premium stoneware clay and finished with food-safe, lead-free glazes, this exquisite ceramic cup is both a statement piece and a functional item. The clay is fired at high temperature to achieve the desired vitrification, thus making it durable and dishwasher-safe.

The „Sprout“ series embodies a unique aesthetic, and the Jug’s distinctive design showcases a handle that appears to have started growing at the top, resembling a sprouting seed. Despite its handless nature, this Jug stands out with its elegant taper and a wider base, exuding both sophistication and a strong stance.

„Sprout the Jug“ is more than just a standalone piece; it is part of a series that includes complementary items such as wine cups and a coffee/ tea cup. The Jug was originally designed as a vessel for wine to be accompanied by Sprout Onions, for a traditional Greek wine drinking experience. However, owners of this piece have found multiple uses for it.

A testament to the seamless blend of design and practicality.

Available in: Rustic Aqua, Solar Bloom and Stone






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