Scroll V 2.0


B3 / B 10-19

Celebrate Easter in style with the Scroll V 2.0, a symbol of tradition reimagined in a contemporary concept.

Introducing the Scroll V 2.0, our newest iteration of the beloved bestseller, Scroll the Original. A statement piece crafted for the distinctive celebrations Easter, also known as Lambada in Greek, this exquisite Easter candle is a true testament to elegance and craftsmanship.

The Scroll V 2.0 is meticulously handcrafted from stoneware ceramic, embodying a scrolled sheet design that gracefully forms a subtle conical shape. This unique and refined aesthetic and its ergonomics set it apart, making it a standout piece for your Easter festivities.

A blend of premium stoneware ceramic and high-quality vegan wax ensures a sustainable and luxurious touch to the candle. The candle is Infused with a delicate fruity aroma, and emanates a subtle and inviting fragrance that adds a delightful touch to your surroundings without overwhelming the senses.

Available in: Cherry, Afterdark and Stone Grey






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