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Kooduu – Set the mood. Wherever. Whenever. Kooduu ist eine Lifestyle-Marke in dänischem Design, mit Produkten für gemütliches Ambiente und happiness. Kooduu High-End Bluetooth-Lautsprecher, Leuchte und Getränkekühler in einem, verfügen über einen klaren Sound.


Eledea Flameless Candles

Whether you’re an interior decorator, a restaurateur or hotelier, or simply a lover of stylish things, Eledea Flameless Candles has something just for you. They may look like traditional wax candles. They may feel like traditional wax candles. But they’re so much more than just traditional wax candles. Flameless. Smokeless. Effortless. These are just some of the novel benefits of this beautiful range – designed to create a peaceful and welcoming ambiance in any space with the added benefit of ensuring a clean, convenient and safe environment.Each innovative Eledea Flameless Candle comes with a gently flickering 3D LED flame that [...]


Mr. Wattson

THE ICONIC MR. WATTSON Meet the desk lamp with the larger than life personality. The lamp who shines a light on great design, who brings the light and soul to every corner, and who turns heads wherever he goes. The lamp who doesn’t believe he’s a lamp at all, but a work of art, an entertainer, and a functional friend. For years, Mr. Wattson has been doing what he does best: charming his way onto floating shelves and desks around the globe. With his unmistakably long and sturdy limbs and his smart looks, he effortlessly adds a playful style to [...]


Ekta Handvaerk

Ekta Handvaerk is a Danish design company that produces handcrafted furniture and functional décor pieces that speak to a strong Scandinavian design aesthetic. Inspired by Nordic heritage and guided by contemporary Danish design, Ekta Handvaerk has partnered with established artists, designers and craftsmen from around the world to create a catalogue of products that will appeal to discerning homeowners. The ethos that guides the Ekta brand is a commitment to bringing unique designs to life through ethical, considered craftsmanship, using only premium quality wood, leather and brass.


Uyuni Lighting

The Perfect Candles Our handcrafted Uyuni Candles are traditional in their aesthetic, luxurious to the touch, and innovative in their mechanics. Not only is the unique 3D flame a first-of-its-kind, but Uyuni Candles offer a practicality that sets them apart; turn them on and off from a distance or dim them to your desire with a useful remote control and timer options of 4, 6, 8, or 10 hours. A 6-hour manual timer switch allows you to conserve battery life while still benefitting from a lengthy ambient glow. And the beauty of long-lasting LED Uyuni Candles… they don’t melt, won’t [...]


Ignore Amsterdam

ignore sucht nach einzigartigen Ansätzen für seine Designs, indem es jedes Produkt bis auf seine Essenz isoliert betrachtet.



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