TOPModel Schulrucksack TEAM TEDDY

Willkommen im Team Teddy! Der TOPModel-Schulrucksack in zartem Rosa hat auf der Fronttasche ein großes Doppel-Modelmotiv. Die karierten Details sind echte Hingucker. Praktisch: der gepolsterte Rücken, die verstellbaren Schultergurte, die seitlichen Taschen, der gepolsterte Tragegriff, die zwei geräumigen Hauptfächer und der wasser- und schmutzabweisende Boden. Süßes Plus: der Teddy-Anhänger am Reißverschlus


pleased to meet

Design, Papeterie, Schreibwaren, Interiordesign, Textildesign, Küchenartikel,



Swedish textile brand Gyllstad is all about contemporary Scandinavian prints and colours with a timeless touch. Interior textiles and accessories designed to put a smile on your face - for you, your children and your home. All of Gyllstads collection is produced from GOTS-certitifed cotton in Sweden and Estonia. All design by Ulrika Gyllstad. Established in 2014.



Design by Ulrika Gyllstad. Strong prints and colours with a timeless touch, Interior textiles and accessories for you and your home. Manufactured in Sweden and Estonia, using only GOTS-certified cotton.



KIWEE, as a design brand, produces multi-functional bags and backpacks. It strives for innovative features and high quality. when it comes to design techniques, a lot of efforts have been put to details, such as material selection, sewing and detaching/attaching possibilities etc. Specific collections made of recycled materials are made available by KIWEE also. KIWEE - CARRY FOR LIFE, as each of the products is produced to be long lasting and fitting different purposes in your daily life and routines.



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