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Since 2010, MY BOB is dedicated to its artisanal model and humanistic values. Freedom of creation, constant search for the most prestigious raw materials, perpetuation of a second to none multicultural know-how, are some of the leading values that allow us to create fashion colorful and unique products.

Human-sized, independent and responsible, the company strives to work only with the most skilled craftsmen in the world, which ensures high-end handmade creations.




All team members are working with passion and motivation together with the craftsmen and suppliers.

We all value the materials, shapes and techniques used in the different creations.


We are an international team collaborating with craftsmen and customers from around the world. Everyday we learn about each other’s cultural difference. Respect and communication are crucial in a successful multicultural collaboration.


MY BOB cares for quality of the accessories as well as its services. Each finished creation is checked with a fine eye before on time delivery. Human relationships and trust are essential for the quality of MY BOB.


MY BOB team is doing its best to respect the people and the environment. We are sensible to the selection of the raw materials used in the different creations. We use wool felt instead of fur felt, the hat boxes are being replaced by reusable bags. Our feathers used in the fine brooches get a second chance as we up-cycle them after passing by farms serving the food industry. the embroidered brooches use recycled materials as well. It is a mindset and business decision.

Rue Darwin 4 , 1190 Brüssel, BE
Telefon: +32 (0) 2 5030326

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