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The natural ingredients in BE BICI act like a protective film on. Your skin and are therefore not only perfect as an anti-chafing and protective cream, but also as a lip balm, against dry fingertips and to protect your skin in cool windy conditions.

BE BICI protects you from all kind of rubbing, between your thighs and armpits. Open nipples and open heels. It also provides better comfort on longer bike rides (for example saddle friction), and also hiking and running.

Properties: The base of apricot kernel butter, rice wax and almond oil provides reliable protection against chafing. Apricot kernel butter is cold-pressed and is therefore particularly rich in nutrients. It has regenerating properties and the oil leaves the skin feeling velvety. Due to its high fart content of rice, enzymes and vitamin B, the wax of rice oil is particularly nourishing and moisture- binding. 

BE BICI my friend is enriched with CO2 rosary extract. The extract has anti oxidative, antimicrobial and inhibiting properties. It also promotes the blooding and skin metabolism. EFFECTIVE CARE FOR SKIN WITH POOR CIRCULATION.

Application: Apply BE BICI my friend to the areas of the body that are prone to

rubbing and chafing. No matter if you are sitting in the saddle, or in the summer your legs or armpits rub against each other when walking, hiking or running

Thanks to the perfectly balanced combination of raw materials makes BE BICI my friend EXTREMELY RESISTANT TO PRESSURE ON THE SKIN AND Makes it EXTREMELY SMOOTH.

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