Gudrun Dorsch


My paintings and drawings show charismatic figures, reduced to ribbons.

Physical and psychological limits of humankind inspire my work. In my quest for the ultimate language, I play and philosophize with multiple meanings of words in the picture titles*. The resulting impressions offer a lot of space for interpretation and the viewer’s, your own perceptions and emotions without predefined answers.

I do not see my works as pure paintings or painted graphics, but rather as communicators of interpersonal relationships or transmitters for self-reflection.

Enigmatic Realism

Enigmatic realism is the term for art that conceals, hides, veils, and understands mysteries as part of human existence.

Why wrapped?

The spiral is of great importance in all cultures. It is a symbol for joie de vivre but also for inner order. Last but not least our DNA is a double helix and without DNA there would be no life. So we are connected to the universe with a band. If you start a pun with “band”, “tapes”, or “wrap”, there are innumerable terms that very often have to do with boundaries,

…entangled, wrapped, entwined, wrapped, tamed, connected, bound, unbound, unleashed…

Man has many limits. He permanently tries to cover them up, to disguise or to euphemise them. Our own body language is treacherous. Very directly it conveys unintentionally unpublished and unspoken things. Visual communication through movement is spiritual, magical and expressive.

Göttinger Strasse 30 Atelier: Mittenkirchenerstraße 8a , 83052 Bruckmühl, DE
Telefon: +4915140510549
Mobil: +49 151 40510549

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