Center (exhibitor management)

In the TrendSet Center, the exhibitor management of TrendSet, you can prepare optimally for your trade fair appearance at the next TrendSet before the trade fair.

Compile your stand equipment in the Technical Order booklet and maintain your online catalog entry about 2 months before the fair. About 6 weeks before the fair, you can generate voucher codes to invite your customers and download your exhibitor passes. To log into the TrendSet Center, you will need the access data you received with your stand confirmation.

In the Center you can manage the following services:

Compile your Technical Order for stand construction, floor covering or similar individually approx. 2 months before the fair.

In the Center you can edit your online catalogue entry (profile and brands) approx. 2 months before the fair so that you can be found on our site. Your updated entry will immediately be displayed online in the TrendSet exhibitor search.

In addition, a printed copy will be laid out at the trade fair for visitor orientation.

Invite your customers to TrendSet. From about 6 weeks before the fair, you can create voucher codes in the TrendSet Center.

Generate and download your exhibitor passes online about 6 weeks before the fair.

Login Center

Further important information about TrendSet, such as assembly and dismantling information, safety instructions and traffic guide, among others, can be found here.