TrendSet Summer 2023: Variety, trends, and future markets at the largest international Interiors & Lifestyle trade fair in summer

“Meet the trends, discover the future” is the motto of this year’s TrendSet Summer 2023, the largest international Interiors & Lifestyle trade fair, from 15 to 17 July 2023 in Munich, Germany. Trade visitors from southern and central Germany and from neighbouring European countries, including Scandinavia, can discover from Saturday to Monday what will catch on in the new season.

Which new trends in Interiors & Lifestyle are there? Which areas, which fields, and which markets will be important in the future? Which products will sell in Autumn/Winter 2023/24, and, in particular, during the upcoming Christmas season? For three days, trade visitors from the retail, wholesale, online, and hotel and restaurant trades will find answers, solutions, the latest products, and the most important, most innovative, and most successful exhibitors in the industry at TrendSet Summer 2023 in July.

Maximum variety in areas, sectors, products, and trends, clearly structures and presented in 15 Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas and three Topic Areas — that is TrendSet Summer 2023. As always, the largest Interiors & Lifestyle trade fair in summer is very close to markets, sectors, consumers, and trends and will show the latest trends for Autumn/Winter 2023/24 and the upcoming Christmas season. The Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas of TrendSet not only bring together many manufacturers, designers, and trends, but also provide space and a frame for new products and concepts with respect to the trends that point the trade to new directions. Sustainability, for example, alters design and production processes. The fusion of Living and Working gives rise to new ideas. The desire for customised products can be evidenced in innovative, partly adaptable designs. All of this is taken into account by the areas and exhibitors at TrendSet Summer 2023.

  • Megatrend “Sustainability”: More and more TrendSet exhibitors have embraced the theme of sustainability. In all 15 Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas and three Topic Areas, trade visitors will find many manufacturers offering sustainable products and sustainably produced innovations. Particularly in the TrendSet Newcomer Topic Area, there are many innovative, young companies with fair, regional, and sustainable products.
  • Megatrend “New Work”: Office & School has been an area at TrendSet for many years, but it is currently increasingly gaining importance during these times of various work models. In Office & School, trade visitors will find the latest trends for everything revolving around work and the office. Also worth visiting are the Live & Give areas of TrendSet – Furniture & Lighting, Decorations & Accessories, and Furnishings & Design Objects – to discover the latest in furnishings, equipment, and work culture.
  • Megatrend “Individualisation”: Many companies at TrendSet Summer 2023 are already serving the desire for customised and personalised items. Whether in interiors and fashions in the Live & Give areas, in the crafted items at TrendSet Newcomer, or in contemporary artwork of the artists at TrendSet Fine Arts – more and more products are able to be offered in a customised, tailor-made, or curated way.

The Trends in Autumn/Winter 2023/24

In six exhibition halls, the exhibitors at TrendSet Summer 2023 will show the latest from the Interiors & Lifestyle sector for the coming season for three days. TrendSet is revealing in advance which trends will be coming and what trade visitors can expect in the areas Live & Give, Cook & Eat, Decorate & Create, and Work & Play. For TrendSet Summer 2023, three main trends for Autumn/Winter 2023/24 have been identified. The main trends provide a preview of the trends in the new season and point the way to the coming design and product worlds. The colours, shapes, and patterns in the Interiors & Lifestyle sector are summarised in each of the TrendSet trend motifs with regard to appearance and design.

Well-being, nature, and sustainability are the focus of trends in Autumn/Winter 2023/24. The designs are aimed at relaxing, harmonising, and creating enthusiasm. Colours, shapes, patterns, and materials are indeed implemented in various ways, but all of them interpret at their core calm, relaxation, and balance. Vintage decors encounter glamorous metallics. Organic shapes, natural materials, and pure designs appear to be both cosy and modern at once. Their colours, too, aim for positive emotion. Shades of green and earth exude natural calm. Lively red brings depth and warmth into play. Bright orange and yellow tones show light and joy. The trends COSY COMFORT, SMOOTH SPACES, and GLORIOUS GLEE implement the trends for Autumn/Winter 2023/24 in the Interiors & Lifestyle sector.

COSY COMFORT aims at well-being and comfort with colours, forms, patterns, and materials close to nature.

SMOOTH SPACES creates futuristic natural trend worlds with biophilic designs and immersive looks.

GLORIOUS GLEE celebrates pure joy of colour and shape with glowing primary colours and expressive designs.

TrendSet Summer 2023: Where? When? How much does admission cost?

TrendSet – 121st Trade Fair for Interiors, Inspiration and Lifestyle
from Saturday, 15 July to Monday, 17 July 2023
at Messe München (Munich Exhibition Centre) in Munich, Germany

1-Day Ticket: €24.00
3-Day Ticket: €32.00

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