TrendSet Winter 2018 post-fair report

Munich is simply top-notch

As the first trade fair event in the year for the retail sector, TrendSet at Munich, a location with strong purchasing power, once again impressed its attendees with full order books and highly professional organisation. For the 111th time. TrendSet, as the international trade fair for Interiors, Inspiration and Lifestyle, opened its trade fair gates on 6 January 2018. The trade visitors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy and neighbouring European member states poured into the nine exhibition halls. On 115,000 square metres of exhibition space, the exhibitors showed their newest trends for living, eating, leisure, and giving three days long. With 36,719 visitors from the trade, the 111th TrendSet therefore showed an increase of 5% in attendance relative to last year. This increase in attendance additionally contributed to the overall general positive atmosphere.

With a blue Bavarian sky and bright sunshine, on 6 January 2018 TrendSet Winter 2018 marked the start of the order season for the sector. In the agreeably warm exhibition halls of Messe München, there were many new and inspiring things for Spring/Summer 2018 to discover. From gigantic Easter bunnies to vintage chests, the exhibitors presented their new products and collections from 14 Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas. About 2,500 brands and collections from roughly 40 countries once again took advantage of TrendSet as a platform for trends and ordering for presenting their novelties for the coming season.

A trade fair for trends and ordering for the retail sector

The many trade visitors from Germany and beyond are mainly looking for one thing at TrendSet: the huge variety of ideas and products from 14 Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas and three Topic Areas. The increase in visitors of over 5% documents the great demand for trendy products at the beginning of the trade fair year and the status of TrendSet as the largest and most important trade fair of its kind in the southern German-speaking region. The high quality of Munich as a location, both geographically and demographically, plays an important role in this respect. Whether from the northern tip of Germany or the countries bordering Germany — the retail industry meets at the start of the new year in Munich. With a share of about 17% of all visitors, the many visitors from outside of Germany at TrendSet Winter 2018 are proof of that. Correspondingly, the exhibitors were more than satisfied with their order volumes on the evening of the third and last day of the fair.

“With its early date and the holiday, TrendSet Winter is the first opportunity in the new year for retailers to refill empty stockrooms in the shops and stores and to order in good time goods for spring, summer, and especially the Easter business. This time again, we have seen, with the high traffic of visitors, how well our concept and the quality and diversity of the exhibitors and their products are accepted by the trade visitors. This is why we will continue to develop ourselves in the future, so that we offer exactly the platform that presents the trends of the coming season at the right point in time,” summarised Managing Director Tatjana Pannier TrendSet Winter 2018.

Innovative concepts for more product presence

It was a first: For the first time at TrendSet Winter, the Topseller Area appeared. “We wish to give more space to the top products of our exhibitors at every trade fair event. That is why we decided to provide them an exposed area at the TrendSet trade fair entrance with the Topseller Area from now on, both in summer and winter, where exhibitors can present their most successful products,” said TrendSet manager Tatjana Pannier, explaining the reason for the innovation. The Topseller Area was accordingly fully booked early and offered the trade visitors a lot of inspiration right at the entrance to the fair. The PREVIEW concept, which was introduced last year, and by which some exhibitors were already showing products for Winter 2018-19, was also accepted well by the visitors.

Much traffic in the TrendSet Topic Areas

TrendSet Country & Style, the Topic Area for Heimat Collections, once again offered many trendy and traditional products from the areas of Tracht (national and traditional costumes) and country-inspired styles. At TrendSet Newcomer, the Topic Area for Young Collections, trade visitors had an opportunity to discover small and innovative companies and their promising products. At TrendSet Bijoutex, the Topic Area for Accessories, the trade found many new products having to do with fashion jewellery, beauty, and fashion.

Trendy: white Easter, green feeling of life, and a colourful tropical feeling

The main trends in Spring/Summer 2017 were applied by many manufacturers to unique products. The long-lasting theme of nature is being interpreted by much wicker and wood and by earthy colours. In combination with metal, rural products in the trend theme of NATURAL MOVEMENT are often realised in a modern high-technology direction. Pure colours, colourful styles, and high-quality handcrafted designs vary in the trend topics PURE PROGRESSION, HAPPY ORIGINS, and CRAFTED DREAMS.

The trend topic of greenery is defined not only through plants and the colour of green in and of itself, but also with the resulting elements. Frogs are all the rage in all sizes and kinds, from garden decorations to plush animals and greeting cards, bringing green views to many areas of life.

The trend topic Tropical Island can be found echoed in many products. In addition to cockatoos, parrots, leopards, giraffes, elephants, and palm trees, most of all, the motifs of flamingos and pineapples bring colour and exoticism to the new season. An absolute flashing light in trends for Spring/Summer 2018: the cactus. Green, pure, and with a humorous statement, it cavorts as a swimming aide in the pool, appears as a decorative object, is on pillows, vases, or luminaries in the living room, or is illustrated in the paper and stationery sector.

The trend topic of White Easter can be seen in the pure white of Easter articles. Often in connection with a fresh green colour, white hares, hens, and eggs makes you want to see springtime. Decorations in pastel colours or pure grey tones bring a delicate lightness to the Easter table in spring. The purity of the white shades shines many times over with warm gold or shimmering silver.

Exhibitors’ comments on TrendSet Winter 2018

One can tell that many retailers had a good business year in 2017. The stockrooms are empty and ordering is taking place at TrendSet Winter 2018. Accordingly, we have many customers and prospective customers at our stand and are looking forward to a good volume of orders.
Arnold Maier (Managing Director, AM-Design)

Our stand is being well-visited. The trade visitors are interested mainly this time in our decorative articles and furniture. Our regular customers come to TrendSet. But we gained some new customers here, too. TrendSet is always a good trade fair — organised and supported in a super way.
Marcel d-Haan (Regional Account Manager, Light & Living)

The trade visitors are in a mood for ordering. We had a lot of traffic at our stand already on the first day and hardly time for a break. The atmosphere at the fair is super. We also acquired many new customers from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The team at TrendSet supports us wonderfully.
Olaf Spiller (Managing Director, Spiller Raumobjekte & Gartenkultur)

We are quite satisfied with traffic and sales revenue here at TrendSet Winter 2018. Before the fair, we used the invitations from TrendSet, which already brought many of our regular customers to the trade fair. The flow of attendees coming to the fair is especially high this time. Accordingly, on the first day of the fair, we already reached an increase in turnover over last year’s turnover. TrendSet is one of my favourite fairs. I like the casual Bavarian mentality and the straightforward way of working with the TrendSet team.
Marcus Winterhagen (Marketing/Product Management, CLASSICO Modern Living)

We had never before experienced the rush of attendees like on the first day of TrendSet Winter 2018. Many of our regular customers, but also many new ones, found the way to our stand and granted us full order books. And the atmosphere here at the fair is awesome. The location of Munich, the clientele, and the work of TrendSet — everything is just right. It’s a super trade fair in Munich.
Jeroen Blaauw (Management, Jodeco Glas)

Already on the first day of the fair, things were running peachy. The customers are coming in the mood to order. That creates good turnover at the fair. A lot has to do with the excellent date of the fair, of course. As the first fair for trends in the new year, including the holiday, TrendSet draws the visitors from the trade. We are very satisfied here. Everything is running top-notch, also thanks to the good work of the TrendSet team.
Monika Exner (Managing Director, Exner Garten- und Wohnaccessoires [Exner Garden and Living Accessories])

The fair is running well. We were able to increase our revenues in comparison to the year before on the first day already. The second-to-none location of Munich does the rest.
Nico Attasio (Managing Director, DECORAMA)

We are very satisfied here in Munich at TrendSet. The fair is running, there are numerous customers, and the organisation of TrendSet is really good.
Ute Vosteen (Management, VOSTEEN)

We’ve got good turnover at TrendSet Winter 2018. Many regular customers are coming, but new interested ones from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are also coming to our stand.
Mathilde Bilger (Marketing Manager, Arte Wohnaccessoires)

As always, we are very satisfied at TrendSet. There are a lot of attendees and visitors from the trade. Many good customers have already visited us and we have been pleased with the many orders. TrendSet is a wonderful fair.
Martha Wittkemper (Product Management, Wittkemper & Associates)

We are where our customers are, and they come to TrendSet in Munich at the beginning of the year. For us, the trade fair is running extraordinarily successfully.
Gerard de Rooij (Management, van verre)

The first day of the fair was already sensational. When it comes to turnover, we have already got a big plus — more than in the year before. Our collection was very well received by the trade visitors here in Munich.
Ferry Mulder (General Manager, Cor Mulder)

The fair is running well for us. Here in Munich, we met mostly our customers from the Bavarian region. But many trade visitors from Baden-Württemberg, Austria, and Switzerland also come to our stand.
Stefan Mario Delano (Managing Director, Delano/Bomb Cosmetics)

We always come first thing in the new year to Munich to TrendSet because the early date simply makes sense for the sector. Retailers and buyers come here to fill their stocks after Christmas. We were even able to greet customers from quite far north. There is a lot going on and we are doing well with turnover. TrendSet organises in a friendly and helpful way and ensures that everything flows smoothly.
Bodil Larsson (Representative, IB Laursen)

Here in our hall, we have a lot of visitors and attendees passing by. That’s super, because it brings new prospective customers to our stand. So the fair is running well for us and we are very satisfied. The way the halls are allocated has been well thought out.
Madeleine Treuleben (Owner, ellabee)

We have been exhibiting at TrendSet for a long time and always meet up with a very good set of regular customers. TrendSet, at the absolute top location of Munich, has A1 visitors and attendees. The quality of the exhibitors is also correspondingly high.
Willo Steen (Management, STEEN DESIGN)

The first day of TrendSet Winter 2018 was, for us, the best exhibition day that we have ever had in Munich. The trade visitors here are wonderful and possess purchasing power. The mood here is really good after the good Christmas business. And everyone loves Munich anyway.
Christian Schmidt (Managing Director, Gift Company)

We have the feeling that this time, even more trade visitors have come to TrendSet than in the previous year. The traffic is high and we have more turnover here than last year.
Daniel Henriksen (Hübsch Danish Home Interior & Design)

For years, TrendSet has been our favourite trade fair. This is where everything always simply runs well.
Andrea Overbeck (Managing Director, Overbeck and Friends)

We have been a part of TrendSet for nine years. And this time, as well, the way the fair is running and the organisation are again very good.
Annette Gushurst (Managing Director, cute stuff)

We are very satisfied here at TrendSet Winter 2018. We had a good deal of traffic and were able to support our repeat customers along with acquiring new customers. We are ending the fair with good order figures.
Heike Marie Buchholz (Inhaberin, Frohstoff)

TrendSet Winter 2018 ran very well from the first day of the fair onward. Our products with the new trendy colour themes were very well accepted. TrendSet is generally simply well-positioned and, with its high level, a real magnet for customers.
Peter Kwoka (Managing Director, Kwoka Floristik)

At TrendSet, we meet the majority of our repeat customers from Germany and Austria. We are always glad to come, because this is where everything works.
Norbert Niklas (Owner, Handelsagentur Niklas [Niklas Commercial Agency])

At TrendSet, we directly present the trade visitors from Germany and Austria our new products and collections at the central location of Munich.
Eric Scheidl (Regional Sales Manager of Bavaria, Le Creuset)

We are very satisfied with the way the fair is running. We made a good half of the orders with new customers. The TrendSet team is always friendly and very cooperative especially when we set up the stand.
Sabine Hauff-Grimm (Managing Director, Butt Boutique)

We have a lot of traffic at our stand. Customers ordered a lot of spring and Easter products, including the PREVIEW articles for the next Christmas season. TrendSet in Munich has super attendees. We are very satisfied.
Gabrielle Breitner (Managing Director, BREITNER Kunstgewerbe

Earlier, we also used to be in Paris. Today, we prefer to be at TrendSet in Munich. We find everything that one needs — from good support of the fair to a clientele that has purchasing power — right here. And we feel very well here.
Petra Steenblock (Exhibition Management, Ambiente Europe

TrendSet simply runs. Especially the first day of the fair was unbelievable — crowds of attendees and visitors and good orders. We are very satisfied — keep it coming!
Eckart Wurm (Managing Director, G. Wurm)

We use our stand at TrendSet most of all for acquiring new customers. We were again successful at doing that this time around. As early as the first day, we had a lot of visitors and traffic.
Jens Rudolph (Managing Director, Rudolph Keramik)

TrendSet has a good and successful concept that is further developed again and again with a calm, strategic hand and without ruptures. That, and the excellent management of the exhibition, are honoured by the quantity and quality of the trade visitors. An exhibition at a high level!
Patricia Schüle (Managing Director/Owner, Spang)

Our trade fair stand has been very well visited. Both the spring articles and the PREVIEW products are being well ordered. TrendSet is a fair at which everything simply works well.
Philip Lang (Managing Director, Lang Kunstgewerbe)

We are having very good, successful days at TrendSet Winter 2018. The early date in the year is super.
Susanne Kaumanns (Management, TAFELGUT)

We have a good volume of orders and many customers and prospective customers are stopping by our stand. We are very happy with the placement and the way it’s running, and will definitely be here next year.
Sabine Götz (Owner, Lumisha)

Overall a successful fair! The atmosphere at TrendSet is simply relaxed and the mood is good. This means that visitors can calmly have a look and get informed, and are motivated to order. The variety and good mix of the exhibitors also helps to meet the goal. The customer is led through the halls well in a themed way. That is not the way it is at all fairs. We always come very gladly to TrendSet. And Munich as a city and a location is of course wonderful.
Cathrin Paul (Sales Coordinator, RICE

TrendSet is ideal for us to make our products something to experience for our customers at the central location of Munich. This is where we are able to introduce the entire breadth of our newest products, which would not be possible in such a way alone through our field sales representatives.
Gerd Menner (Vertriebsleiter Osterreich/Schweiz, Villeroy & Boch)

The visitors here in Munich are the best. We even had new customers from Estonia and the UK at our stand. As a member of the “seasons trend group,” we have brought a lot of new products with us; these were well accepted. We are satisfied with how things are running and with the turnover. And with the TrendSet team, everything works excellently anyway.
Jens Hähnel (Sales, Paper + Design)

We are now at TrendSet for the ninth time and again very satisfied. We fortunately gained many new customers and have good order figures. Working with TrendSet is so straightforward and the team is very accommodating. At TrendSet, the wishes and needs of the exhibitor are accommodated and whatever is possible is made possible. TrendSet is one of the best exhibitions!
Lisa Juen (Owner, Spruchketten by Lieblichkeiten)

We are at TrendSet Country & Style for the first time and very satisfied. There is an incredible amount being ordered and already on the first day of the fair, there were a lot of interested people at our stand. The TrendSet team is friendly and always accommodating when they work with us. We feel very welcome here.
Susanne Müller (Owner, 44spaces)

Our products are being well-received by the trade visitors at TrendSet. We are here now for the second time at TrendSet Newcomer. This was a good opportunity for us as a young company to explore our chances of success here in Munich. Working together with TrendSet has worked out extremely well, setup ran without a hitch. We will again be a part of the next TrendSet and then switch to a regular area of the exhibition.
Dunja Kremkus (Owner, beeGOODIES)

The modern Alpine style of our products is going extremely well here at TrendSet Bijoutex with a lot of customers from southern Germany and Austria.
Horst Jäpel (Owner, Le-Novita Decorations)

Facts on TrendSet Winter 2018

TrendSet – 111th International Trade Fair for Interiors, Inspiration und Lifestyle
from Saturday, 6 January to Monday, 8 January 2018
at Messe München (Munich Exhibition Center)
in Halls A1 to A6 and B1 to B3.

Admissions from the trade 36,719 (+5.24%)
Key countries of the international attendees Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary
Brands and collections 2,500
Percentage of international brand collections (exhibitors) > 50 %
Area of exhibition centre 115,000 sqm
Exhibition space 100,000 sqm
Exhibition focus 14 TrendSet Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas

·     Decorations & Accessories

·     Home & Textiles

·     Furniture & Lighting

·     Kitchen & Tabletop

·     Food & Drink

·     Gifts & Fun

·     Spirituals & Souvenirs

·     Christmas & Seasonals

·     Floristry & Garden

·     Stationery & Papery

·     Office & School

·     Hobbies & Toys

·     Fashion & Jewellery

·     Beauty & Wellness

Three TrendSet Topic Areas ·     TrendSet Country & Style | Heimat Collections

·     TrendSet Newcomer | Young Collections

·     TrendSet Bijoutex | Accessories

TrendSet Summer 2018 is taking place from 7 to 9 July 2018.