A multi-layered work that skilfully combines the different techniques and image elements and the writing. The collaged necklace continues through almost the entire lower half of the picture and thus forms the almost logical transition to the silver-colored letters underlaid with anthracite-colored shadows. The clever pictorial design and the text in the foreground create a variety of anchor points in the picture to allow your own thoughts to flow freely. A typical #4letterart work by Georg Steidinger, which intelligently merges image and text content. #4letterart by Georg Steidinger. Original Artwork. Collage, Acrylic and Coal on canvas, 100 x70cm (h x [...]



SUSANNA LADDA (*1968 GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN) lives and works close to the lake Starnberger See, 40 km south of Munich. The expressive PAINTINGS and PAPER OBJECTS - of bigger and smaller formats - reflect nature as the central source of inspiration and especially stand out for their playful and dynamic approach as well as the passion for colors, details and compositions. Until now the works have been shown in Germany and Scandinavia.  


SABINE HUBER lives and works in the south of Munich. She studied electrical engineering (communications engineering) and worked as an engineer in telecommunications. The urge for more creative development led her to web design and increasingly to working with color. Now she ONLY creates ART. She has been learning the process painting of intuitive power since 2013. Knowledge about pigments, binders and traditional applications is conveyed here experimentally. SABINE HUBER's trademark are fresco works on thin aluminum panels that are hung floating. The processed pigments are pure. You could describe it as the DNA of her works. “It was only [...]


Thomas Girbl burningpictures Change

Technik: Mischtechnik mit Feuer, Farbe* (durch Hitzeeinwirkung schmelzende Farbe) auf Leinen. Grösse: Höhe: 140 Breite: 120 cm Tiefe: 4 cm Jahr: 2023



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