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TrendSet Topseller

The exclusive exhibition stage for special product highlights

What is TrendSet Topseller?

At the TrendSet Topseller Area, as an exhibitor, you can present
your most successful products at TrendSet. TrendSet offers you a
showcase to display your special product highlights.
Exclusive, clear, and structured.

TrendSet - Topseller Area

What are the advantages?

Because of the visible location at the Main Entrance West, your most
successful product is clearly on view to attendees – even before
visitors enter the fair. TrendSet is responsible for the decoration and
presentation of your product, including logo and text.

The Facts

105 sqm exhibition space At the Main Entrance West

Exclusive presentation

We provide business cards including hall and stand number
for each product showcase

TrendSet - Topseller Area
TrendSet - Topseller Area

How does the application process work?

Please fill out the reply form and send it to us, along with a few
relevant product photographs. In case your product is placed,
we charge a fee for presentation, decoration, stand safety and security service.

From March on you are able to apply for TrendSet Topseller Area.