Araque – the Shot


B3 / B 10-19

Our cutest ceramic item yet, and part of the Araque series, the KAFAOUIN-designed Araque the Shot, proudly made at GRAYN Design Studio. Crafted from exquisite stoneware and adorned with lead-free glazes, these ceramics exude both style and safety, making them suitable for both decorative and culinary use.

The Araque series, reminiscent of Ancient Greek pottery, boasts a distinct, clean curvaceous form and intimate design aesthetics. Functionality is at the core of this piece, originally intended for traditional Greek Raki accompanied by its Raki Carafe – Araque. Many of our customers are getting this adorable vessel for a variety of other beverages.

The gorgeous Rustic Aqua colour, with greens, blues and brown effects elevate the unique cup design.

Fired at high temperatures, our stoneware collection guarantees flawless clay vitrification, ensuring this piece’s longevity, functionality and beauty.

Available i: Anthrazit, Afterdark, Rustic Aqua, Solar Bloom and Stone




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