Hoogendam Interiors B.V.

Under the label 'by Mooss', Hoogendam Interiors offers a wide range of lifestyle and home accessories, especially for B2B. Rural, sturdy, timeless and above all authentic and handmade is the rich offering with origins from various countries in Asia and Europe. From cupboards, tables, benches, stools and poufs to lamps, breadboards, bowls, lanterns, photo frames and much more. For over 25 years, Hoogendam Interiors has been bringing the most unique, original, but also functional small furniture and home accessories to the Netherlands. In addition to our webshop, you will find Hoogendam Interiors' lifestyle articles at the B2B purchasing centers TICA [...]


by Mooss

Wide range of lifestyle and home accessories, especially for B2B. Rural, sturdy, timeless and above all authentic and handmade is the rich offering with origins from various countries in Asia and Europe.


PIFFANY Copenhagen ApS

Piffany Copenhagen is an international design company, with Danish roots, committed to bringing unique designs to life through meticulous and considered craftsmanship. Striving to achieve the balance between functional practicality and minimal elegance, each element of every piece has purpose and personality. We curate a collection of pieces that our customers come to cherish for their uniqueness as much as for their functionality, as they find their special place within homes across the globe. Our range includes a number of bespoke collections for personal and commercial use and comes from a collaboration with both new and established artists and designers. Quality and craftsmanship are the cornerstones of our offering, as our team work passionately to create exceptional pieces to last a lifetime. Browse our Uyuni Lighting collection of high-quality, real wax, dimmable LED candles [...]


EKTA Living

EKTA Living is dedicated to producing unique, quality furniture and functional homeware through considered craftsmanship that speak to a strong Scandinavian design aesthetic. At EKTA Living our philosophy is to make beautiful everyday design which is exceedingly functional and can withstand frequent use - for many years. We work with genuine natural materials, such as and sustainable solid oak, which is why our products age with beauty and patina.





Chic Antique A/S

chicantique.dk Chic Antique is the epitome of French country style with a rustic look combined with elegant details and a whole lot of French romance and charm. Chic Antique was founded in 2005 by owner Bente Kienast, and our design and style arises from Bente’s passion for beautiful French flea market finds. The dream arose in the flea markets in southern France’s hot summers, where owners Bente and her husband Allan Kienast often found that the markets’ small stalls concealed gorgeous items from the past that deserved new life. Beautiful objects with a story, from back when grandmother was young. [...]


Ib Laursen

New collection – Autumn/Winter 2023 The Autumn/Winter 2023 collection from Ib Laursen is filled with exciting new trends and inspiration to create a warm and inviting atmosphere as we move indoors and transform our home into a cosy den when autumn arrives. In the new collection, you will find textiles in coarse-woven and plush textures, adorned with lovely fringed and embroidered details, functional UNIQUE wooden furniture with a simple and charming look, as well as a new rustic earthenware range in a fantastic reddish-brown colour - and much more. The entire new collection exudes authenticity and warmth, offering exciting new [...]


Madam Stoltz

Madam Stoltz specializes in interior decoration and design. Our collections represent consciously handmade and creative designs inspired by nature, local traditions and craftsmanship in India, Morocco, China and Vietnam. From textiles to furniture and lamps – from practical accessories to cozy need-to-haves. At Madam Stoltz we are dedicated to our close relationships and cooperation with our suppliers.



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