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Laursen ApS is a family-owned multi-brand company that designs home and garden decor items that match the Nordic design tradition and sells them to retailers worldwide.

Our product range is comprehensive and offers many options for creating a unique and cosy decor. Over time, we have become a universe of in-house brands, all of which aim to create cosy moments, both indoors and outdoors. Our three brands: ALTUM, Mynte and Stillenat, each have their own identity and range, and the Ib Laursen brand’s DNA runs through them all – a contemporary design that allows you to create your own personal decor. Our aesthetics are rooted in the Nordic design tradition with inspiration from all around the world.

Our assortment is wide and designed to give a Nordic feeling of “hygge” both inside and outside, and a large part of the collection is designed in-house. We get our inspiration from old Nordic traditions, but also travel the world to search for just the right atmosphere, which result in 4 large collections a year. The products are manufactured by carefully selected suppliers and shipped from our head office in Ribe to our retailer network worldwide. Ib Laursen ApS has sales representatives and agents in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England, Germany, Poland, Finland, Italy and the Netherlands and employs around 60 people at the head office in Ribe, all eager to service the ever-growing retailer network.

Welcome to the Spring Summer 2023 collection – here you can see, feel, and experience the wonderful new Spring/Summer collection! In the bright season that will soon be upon us, it is the familiar and the close that we pay tribute to. We need room for joy in our lives, space for creating new memories, and time for reflection. Time is the most important resource we have – and that is what the new collection reflects.

In this year’s Spring/Summer collection we have moved out into the garden. Here we can spend the warm days in a comfortable hanging chair, while a refreshing lemonade is served in fine glasses. We can enjoy a cosy picnic on soft quilts and mattresses and a relaxing and informal gathering with close friends at a well-set table under the open sky.

Oster Vedsted Vej 12 , 6760 Ribe, DK
Telefon: +4575424300
Webseite: https://www.iblaursen.dk



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