Kashmir Arts

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Our company is a German-Indian family business that has been active in the wholesale industry for over 20 years. We import our scarves mainly from India and the cashmere wool from Nepal.

Our range: wool scarves, silk scarves, cashmere scarves, cotton scarves, wool duvets and much more

We have our wool scarves embroidered in a small village in Kashmir. We know the embroiderers personally and have set up a project there. Since this project is very close to our hearts, the price between an unembroidered wool scarf and a wool scarf with embroidery is low as we want to promote the project. The embroiderers work from home and have free time management. This means they can continue to farm, pursue their jobs and provide for their families.

We have an employee on site who distributes the scarves to the locals and ensures that the families can secure their income. Families in need are given priority and we value above-average pay.





Finkenstieg 14 , 22147 Hamburg , DE
Telefon: +494064508105
Webseite: https://www.kashmir-arts.de/

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